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Communications consultancy supporting you grow


Communications consultancy supporting you grow

Communications is vital to any business and IJ Communications is experienced working with SMEs to elevate their content and PR. Whether a start-up or an established business looking to grow – we’re here for bespoke services or to run as your external communications department.

Communication to your customers, clients and team can feel like a constant demand. Often there isn’t time to stop and think about whether it is taking you in the right direction. What message are we sending out about our business? How do other people see us? Who am I trying to target? Which target audiences do I want to speak to? How do I get hold of them and influence them?

As a communications consultancy, we help you to elevate your business profile and enhance your growth. We thrive on building relationships quickly, finding the key objectives and delivering outcomes.

Consider Isabel as your external communications director, supported with further expertise from her trusted associates. Whether you need a strategic communications plan, a more hands-on communications toolkit or copywriting – we can help you.

Let us help you get your business noticed through public relations and great storytelling

Key services for SMEs

Setting business objectives

Engagement and influencing different audiences

Communications planning

National and international strategic PR

Audience and stakeholder mapping / review

Content creation for websites, newsletters and more

“IJ Communications takes the time to understand your business and your market, and their content is always well written and delivered efficiently.  I’ll continue to call on Isabel to help with our ongoing PR projects as she is an absolute pleasure to work with and someone who genuinely celebrates those PR wins alongside you.”

Jane Charnley, A Toast In The Post

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